Severe Environment Lubrication Free Roller Bearings

We use our advanced ceramic materials to make long lasting, high-performance Z Bearings? for screw and bucket conveyor systems used in demanding bulk materials handling applications.

Nilcra Z Bearings

Our Z-bearings are made using Nilcra? Zirconia, a tough monolithic ceramic material that is has a tensile strength and a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of mild steel, but with four times the compressive strength, and very high thermal stability. Accordingly, it maintains strength and hardness even at high temperatures and is highly resistant to wear, deformation, galling and corrosion. It has a low coefficient of friction and even abrasive materials have minimal effect on its surface.?

Nilcra? Zirconia bearings last up to 25 times longer than standard metal alternatives. They are used in bulk materials conveyor systems in a wide range of the most demanding applications including power, energy, mining, smelting, refining, pulp, paper, chemicals, minerals, grain handling, foods and cement.?

Contact us today to discuss your requirement for durable, advanced ceramic bearings for your screw conveyor or bucket conveyor system. Or, for more information on our grades of zirconia, see our dedicated zirconia materials page.

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