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A wide range of standard mortars are available for purchase online. Select from 20ml to 6,000ml capacity and specify glazed or unglazed.


A wide range of standard pestles are available for purchase online. Select head size from 24mm to 85mm diameter and specify glazed or unglazed.

Evaporating basins

Four types of basins. Evaporating basins with spout - French shape, with spout and round bottom glazed inside and outside - French shape, with spout and flat bottom glazed inside and outside - shallow form, with spout glazed except outside base.

Incinerating dishes

Four types of dishes. Cylindrical, glazed except outside base - Conical, rectangular, glazed except outside base - Shallow, glazed except outside base - Flour incinerating dishes.

Melting crucibles

Three types: Squat form, glazed - high form, glazed - medium form, glazed.

Filter crucibles

With porous base. Porosity: P2 ~ 5 μ

Gooch crucibles

Wide form, with glazed perforated base - high form, with glazed perforated base. Lid 79 D and Filter disc 31 B to be ordered separately.

Filter discs

According to Dr. Witt.

Crucible lids

Spot plates

Rectangular, with cavities, glazed.

Desiccator plates

With centre hole 20 mm ? and filter holes approx. 5 mm ?.


With porcelain handle, glazed except rim.


According to Dr. Hirsch, according to Dr. Büchner.

Glazed combustion boats

Graduated beaker

Graduated inside, glazed except outside base.

Ball mills and balls

Porcelain, with cover, metal lock and sealing rings, glazed inside and outside. Balls unglazed.

Spoon spatulas

Clay plate


Hard porcelain tubes


Porcelain combustion boats


Laboratory porcelain is the dinosaur among our products. For over 135 years we have been producing and optimising our laboratory porcelain. Our quality and the extensive range have made us known the world over. In its properties, our laboratory porcelain complies with DIN VDE 0335, type C 100. For higher demands, we offer pots, boards, boxes, boats etc made of Alsint??99.7 dense, or Alsint? porous.

Mortars, pestles, vaporising dishes, roasting dishes, melting pots, filtering pots, filter plates, plates, funnels, pebble mills, grinding clips, ladle spatulas, boats.

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