CVD Diamond

Diamond has long been the technologically preferred material for critical thermal management applications due to its extremely high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion and high electrical resistivity. High costs, however, have traditionally been associated with diamond heat spreaders.

Now Morgan Advanced Materials' Diamonex??range offers polycrystalline diamond featuring all of the benefits of diamond for thermal management applications at an economical price. Our heat spreaders are ideal for applications where higher power output, lower junction temperatures, and improved reliability are desired.

CMP Semi Conductor Processing

We manufacture?CMP pad conditioners which are used in semiconductor processing for chemical mechanical planarisation during wafer processing. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Diamond provides chemical inertness and superior bond strength for the working grit of the conditioner.

High-Power FET Heat Spreader

Bonding FETs directly on polycrystalline diamond heat spreaders enable higher power and performance levels while maintaining lower junction temperatures. The performance enhancement achieved has enabled significantly higher reliability in the most demanding applications.

Electronic design engineers can now use polycrystalline diamond heat spreaders when space, performance, and design considerations require advanced thermal management. Low dielectric loss and consistent dielectric properties allow polycrystalline diamond to be utilised in very high frequency applications.

Laser Diode Heat Spreaders

Our polycrystalline diamond heat spreaders are being utilised for thermal management of semiconductor laser diodes for telecommunications, as well as high-power laser diodes and laser diode array applications.

The performance benefits of lowering the junction temperatures of semiconductor laser diodes include:

  • Improved frequency stability
  • Increased optical power output/duty cycle
  • Improved device efficiency and lower threshold currents
  • Higher reliability and increased lifetime

Other Applications

  • Power packages
  • IMPATT diodes
  • Bipolar devices
  • TWT helix supports
  • X-ray lithography
  • Optical devices
  • Active electronic devices

For more information on our CVD diamond material and how this can be used for your product, contact us today.

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