3D printing for rapid prototyping and complex parts

Imagine what you could do with internal features, consolidated parts and complex designs. What features would you need to create added value to your products? To compliment our world class materials production techniques, Morgan Advanced Materials also has the ability to use 3D technical ceramic printing to produce functional ceramic prototypes and complex components, for use within your business.

3D Printed Prototypes

Fast prototyping: Improved speed to market

3D ceramic printing (additive manufacturing) enables Morgan to produce complex prototype parts without the need for new moulds, which shortens lead times for prototypes and allows for increased design freedom.

High quality materials: Robust design with valuable properties

We supply high purity alumina and zirconia 3D printed parts. To date we have also used our AL-300? grade alumina, valued for its superior dielectric strength and strong metallisation capability, for 3D printing parts while retaining these properties, high density and very good surface finish.

Combine parts into one: Remove joining operations

3D ceramic parts can allow for multi-part assemblies creation within one single piece and also incorporate hidden features which are often costly, and impossible to machine or injection mould.

Contact us to see how Morgan can produce 3D printed prototypes, to bring your specification to life.

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