Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)

The following applications highlight market segments in which amorphous diamond has demonstrated improved product performance. The Technical Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials?has developmental programs to help evaluate your application and large-scale coaters to achieve the benefits of cost-effective manufacturing.

Optical products

Amorphous diamond is the coating of choice for many optical element protection applications. When applied to glass, plastics, and infrared optical materials, the coating creates a hard, low friction, scratch resistant surface. In addition to scratch resistance, amorphous diamond coatings can also provide iridescent colours, hydrophobic surfaces, chemical resistance, and ease of cleaning. Barcode scanner windows, laser optics and mirrors, and infrared windows coated with amorphous diamond have increased longevity and chemical resistance with unsurpassed wear and abrasion protection. Manufacturing scale makes amorphous diamond economical for consumer applications.

Medical products

Amorphous diamond offers manufacturers of medical devices, equipment, and packaging the benefits of bio-compatibility, chemical inertness, and hermetic barrier. Applications include implantable joints, catheters, surgical implements, and medical instrumentation and packaging.

Thermal applications

Amorphous diamond has thermal conductivity similar to that of metals. Applications below 400°C which require electrical isolation, abrasion resistance, and chemical protection can take advantage of the amorphous diamond coating. Typical applications include thermal print heads and passivation of electronic circuitry.

Barrier applications

Amorphous diamond coatings provide a transparent barrier to the diffusion of oxygen and water. The coating can reduce the rate of permeation through plastic film by a factor of 100. Applications include pharmaceutical packaging, and medical product storage.

Wear applications

Amorphous diamond can be applied to metal and ceramics with excellent adhesion. The coating provides industrial users with the benefits of hardness, low coefficient of friction, and resistance to chemicals. Applications include plastic moulds, gear pumps, extrusion dies, stamping devices, process equipment magnetic tape heads, and computer hard disks and sliders.

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